Suit Up Bingo

Suit Up Bingo is a brand new game offering a fun twist on your favourite bingo games! Also known as 52-5 bingo, this hybrid game features playing cards instead of traditional bingo balls. Plus, you can play Suit Up Bingo every day and all day for nonstop excitement and speedy wins!

Although Suit Up Bingo is different than your typical bingo games, it’s very easy to learn how to play. Each ticket features 5 playing cards from a traditional 52 card deck. If a card on your ticket is called, it will be covered with a chip. The first player to cover all 5 cards on their ticket will win! If two players cover their tickets within the same amount of calls, they share the prize. Suit Up Bingo is a fast paced game so you can enjoy some of the quickest wins online!

Play bingo’s best hand at Silk Bingo! Good luck!

Terms & Conditions

  • This is a 52-5 ball room
  • Available to all players
  • Tickets cost 5p.
  • The room is open every day 24/7
  • This is a shared game. The “shared game basis” enables the Company to bring together users of the Games and other players who use other games operated or owned by the Company.
  • is an ongoing promotion, currently without an end date. Silk will provide reasonable notice of when the promotion is to come to an end.
  • In exceptional cases, Silk Bingo may conclude promotions, bonuses or special offers before the end of advertised period or may prolong the period of a promotion, bonus or special offer for example due to security or bonus abuse issues.
  • If there’s more than one winner, the jackpot will be shared.
  • Silk Bingo’s full bonus policy applies.
  • Silk Bingo's full terms & conditions apply.
  • last updated on 04.05.17.