Deposit Policy
1. The Company caters for various payment options as detailed below.
2. Approved transactions will be automatically credited to your account so you can begin playing immediately.
3. Prior to a first withdrawal, a minimum of £30 must be deposited and wagered once or more, to qualify for a withdrawal.
4. We have set the following maximum deposit limits in relation to the Games: Daily Limit - £5,000
Weekly Limit - £10,000
Monthly Limit - £20,000.
5. We reserve the right to amend the aforementioned limits in our sole discretion at any time.
6. NOTE: Please note that the limits referred to above are for our new members. The Company may vary the deposit limits for individual members following a review of an individual player's playing status and account history. In order to request an increase to your current deposit limit and to receive further information, please contact our customer service team at
7. The Company restricts the total number of registered credit cards per player to 5.
8. If you are experiencing problems making a deposit, please contact our customer service team. We are available 24 hours a day for your convenience. Click here to Contact us.
9. We use the SSL Protocol to provide security and privacy between your computer and our servers. This means that before any sensitive data is sent between you and our servers, the data is encrypted before it is transmitted. This makes it impossible for people to crack this code and gain access to your confidential information.
10. On your statement you will be billed by Vglobal dsl when using Credit cards and Debit cards.
11. By Phone: For a safe, quick and simple way to deposit, call one of our support agents by phone: 0808-238-0074 (UK calls are toll-free), You can call + 12684844832 if you are outside of the UK.
Payment Details
1. You represent, warrant and covenant that all details provided by you to the Company either during the registration process or at any time thereafter, including as part of any payment deposit transaction, are true, current, correct and complete and match the name(s) on the credit/debit card(s) or other payment accounts to be used to deposit or receive funds in your account. Without derogating from the aforementioned, should you use a credit/debit card or any other form of payment which is not in your private and personal name, we will presume that you have received complete and sufficient consent from the rightful owner and/or the person whom name is used on such payment instrument to make use of such payment instrument for the purposes herein, prior to your engagement with us. We shall not be obligated in any manner to examine such consent and shall bear no responsibility with respect to your representations hereunder.
2. You will promptly notify us of any changes to details previously provided by you to the Company. From time to time you may be requested to provide us with certain documents to verify the details of the credit card used by you to deposit money to your account. Depending on the outcome of these verification checks you may or may not be permitted to deposit further monies with the credit card previously used by you.
3. Should any of the information that you provide to us be untrue, inaccurate, misleading or otherwise incomplete, you will be in breach of contract and we reserve the right to terminate your account immediately and/or prevent you from using the Software or the Services, in addition to any other action that we may choose to take.
Credit Cards
1. Available in multi currencies.
2. Credit Card purchases are one of the quickest purchase methods at
3. Silk Bingo accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
1. Available in multi currencies.
2. NETeller is an online money transfer service that you can use to deposit funds to your bingo account.
3. Opening a NETeller account is like using an "online wallet". You can deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds to any merchants that support NETeller Online Payments.
Debit Cards
1. Available in multi currencies.
2. Debit Card purchases are one of the quickest purchase methods at SilkBingo.
3. Silk Bingo accepts Visa Delta, Visa Electron and debit cards.
4. Please note: It is only possible for players to make purchases using their own debit cards.
Paysafe Card
1. Available in British Pounds, US Dollars and Euros.
2. Paysafecard is a prepaid voucher that you can use to easily fund your bingo account.
3. To make a deposit using paysafecard you will need to purchase a paysafecard voucher online or at a local shop.
4. Paysafecards are available in 10, 25, 50 or 75 GBP/US Dollar/Euro vouchers. You may use more than one voucher at a time to reach your deposit amount.
1. Available in British Pounds and Euros.
2. Ukash deposits are an instant, fee-free, secure and easy way to fund your bingo account. This safe and simple payment method works much in the same way as cash, in that no commitment or personal details are required.
3. In order to make a deposit with Ukash you need to purchase a Ukash prepaid voucher from your local shop or via Vodafone mobile (UK only) and receive a unique PIN code which allows you to easily fund your Silk Bingo account online.
4. Register at Ukash to enjoy a variety of added payment tools such as combining, converting or splitting your Ukash vouchers as you please, along with many other useful tools and features.
1. Available in multi currencies.
2. Can also be used in Austria, Finland, Ireland, UK, Portugal and Sweden.
3. PayPal deposits are an instant, secure and easy way to fund your Silk Bingo account.
Withdrawal Policy
1. The withdrawal policy dictates that members may be required to verify their identity before a cash withdrawal can be made from their account. This validation process is to prevent potential online fraud. a. Photographic ID: A copy of a current photographic ID is required for your first withdrawal request. This photographic ID can be in the form of a copy of a Passport, Drivers License or National ID card. Please ensure that your name, photograph and signature are visible on the document. b. Credit cards: A copy of the front and back of the credit card used to fund your account is also required. Should you choose to fund your account using multiple credit and/or debit cards, you may be asked to supply copies of more than one card. You may block the middle eight numbers and the 3 digit security code at the back of the card copy. c. Proof of address: In some cases you may be required to provide documentation which validates your home address. This may be in the form of a utility bill or a credit card statement. d. Notarized documentation may also be required depending on the amount of your withdrawal request (done by a Notary "lawyer, notary public, etc." to certify something such as a signature on a legal document as authentic or legitimate by affixing a notary's stamp and signature). Note: In some cases, depending on the payment method used to fund your account, you may be asked for one or a combination of the aforementioned documents, or additional documents not included in the list above. These documents may be requested at any point of your Bingo membership. In order to make the sending of the documents more secure we recommend that you send them in separate emails. With regards to credit cards, please send copies of the front and back separately and we also suggest that you block out the CVV number at the back of the card as well as the middle eight digits on the front of the card. Once received, our members' documents are digitally stored in a secure environment, which is accessible exclusively to specific specialized security agents. Please send your documents to us via an email attachment to:
2. The minimum withdrawal amount in Bingo is £30. Prior to a first withdrawal, a minimum of £30 must be deposited. In addition, a player must make at least one Bingo or Instant Game wager, to qualify for a withdrawal.
3. We reserve the right to void winnings or withdrawal enabled by wins resulting from a technical fault (including but not limited to incorrect game payouts) with any of the games offered.
4. The Company reserves the right to cancel any withdrawal, in which case the value of the withdrawal will be refunded to the Bingo account balance, should the withdrawal be deemed to have resulted from irregular activity.
5. We have set the following maximum withdrawal limits in relation to the Games: Daily Limit - £1,000
Weekly Limit - £2,000
Monthly Limit - £3,000
6. Withdrawal requests are processed 48 hours from the date of request. During this time you may cancel your withdrawal request by clicking the 'Reverse Withdrawal' button in the Cashier and returning the funds to your Bingo account. This will allow you to play again without making a new deposit to your Bingo account.
7. After 48 hours the status of your withdrawal request will change to 'Completed' and you will no longer be able to cancel it.
8. The following is a summary of the withdrawal process:
Please note: All timeframes are calculated in business days (Monday through Friday).
Payment method * Withdrawal process time ** Withdrawal completion time Total Payment posted from:
Credit/Debit Card 48 hours 4-7 days 6-9 days Vglobal dsl
Bank Draft 48 hours Europe 10-15 days 13-18 days Vglobal dsl issued by Natwest
Rest of World
21-28 days 24-31 days Vglobal dsl issued by Natwest
Cheque 48 hours UK only 5 days (clearing an take up to 6 days) 5-8 days Chexx Inc issued by Northern Bank
(Not available to members in the US,Canada and Turkey) 48 hours 4-5 days Vglobal dsl
Wire Transfer 48 hours 4-7 days 7-10 days Vglobal dsl
Paypal 48 hours 6-9 days 6-9 days Vglobal dsl
9. * Withdrawal request can still be cancelled and returned to your account.
**Withdrawal request has been completed and is being delivered to you.
10. The method by which you withdraw is directly dependent on the payment method by which you have submitted your deposit(s) in the past, and the amounts of those deposit(s). If you have used a variety of credit cards, the card which you used the most for depositing will be credited back first. Since we automatically pay the funds back to your active credit/debit cards ? please notify us immediately in the event any card used to deposit to your account has been lost, stolen or cancelled or should your E-wallet status change
11. For assistance with withdrawal, or any other matter, please contact our Support Team at: